Monday, July 18, 2005

Today someone tried to burn down my building. They set fire to my baby's buggy. It was parked in the outside hall there's no room in the flat. What kind of sick freak does a thing like that.

The flames and the smoke went up the stairwell. No-one was killed and we all got out of the building safely but for a while one of my upstars neighbours was just about ready to throw her kids out of the window. As she said later "How desperate is that?"

When I got back into the house the news was on the television. A suicide bomber drove a stolen fuel tanker into the middle of a crowded market and blew himself up creating a masive explosion and an even bigger fireball. Many people were killed. Many houses burned. Some parents were so desperate they were seen throwing their children from their windows to escape the flames.

How desperate is that?

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