Friday, July 15, 2005

Is it wrong of me to want more from my relationship? Not much more. Just to actually spend time with him.

He spends all day with his back turned to me and the kids. Doing things on the other computer. Then he goes to bed. I love him. I believe he makes me happy. But it would be nice to see his face occasionally during the day. It would be good to discuss something without getting the feeling that he's pissed off at me for disturbing him.

And what is it that I'm disturbing? Vital beta testing. Of a MMORPG.

I would say it's sobering to be less important than a computer game but actually I'm used to it. To my father I came a long way down a list which included, ahead of me, the television and the car.

I knew that most women end up marrying their fathers I just thought that I'd be different. NOt that we're married. But that's another story.

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