Thursday, November 06, 2008

Well today has been thoroughly awful. I've been playing catch up all day, I have spent money I didn't want to spend and I have experienced epic fail. By 8pm my legs were hurting so much I swear it would have hurt less to just set them on fire.

On the upside I haven't actually fallen behind in this month's novel, even though some of the scenes I've written today were pretty bad. But I can live with pretty bad as long as it's down. I can always fix it in the edit but only if it's there to begin with. However I'm still not happy with my progress. I know this novel is going to be bigger than 50,000 words and so far I am not on target to get more than 60,000 in the month. I need to speed up or I am going to get totally bogged down next week.

I must do better. Hopefully by not falling behind I've left myself with a base to build on.

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